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A library to clean up music metadata such as artist, album and song names. This is a Rust port of the metadata-filter TypeScript library.

Currently, this library is mostly a collection of predefined filtering rules along with the apply_rules function which can apply a list of rules to a text.

See the rules module for the lists of available filter rules.


Generally you will want to combine several filter rules and then apply them to some text:

use metadata_filter::rules::{remastered_filter_rules, trim_whitespace_filter_rules};
use metadata_filter::filters::apply_rules;

let rules = [remastered_filter_rules(), trim_whitespace_filter_rules()].concat();
let filtered = apply_rules("Here Comes The Sun (Remastered)", &rules);

assert_eq!(filtered, "Here Comes The Sun");



Functionality to filter artist, album and song names.


Defines regex replacement rules to filter text with.