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Mersenne Twister

A pure rust port of the Mersenne Twister pseudorandom number generator.

THESE ALGORITHMS ARE NOT APPROPRIATE FOR CRYPTOGRAPHIC USE. After observing a couple hundred outputs, it is possible to predict all future outputs. This library even implements a recover constructor to reconstruct the RNG state from output samples.


If your application does not require a specific Mersenne Twister flavor (32-bit or 64-bit), you can use the default flavor for your target platform by using the MersenneTwister type definition. Either flavor accepts a u64 seed.

extern crate mersenne_twister;
extern crate rand;
use mersenne_twister::MersenneTwister;
use rand::{Rng, SeedableRng};

fn main() {
    // Get a seed somehow.
    let seed: u64 = 0x123456789abcdef;
    // Create the default RNG.
    let mut rng: MersenneTwister = SeedableRng::from_seed(seed);

    // start grabbing randomness from rng...

Or if you want to use the default (fixed) seeds that are specified in the reference implementations:

use std::default::Default;
let mut rng: MersenneTwister = Default::default();


Note that MT19937 and MT19937_64 are not identical algorithms, despite their similar names. They produce different output streams from the same seed. You will need to pick a specific flavor of the two algorithms if portable reproducibility is important to you.



The 32-bit flavor of the Mersenne Twister pseudorandom number generator.


The 64-bit flavor of the Mersenne Twister pseudorandom number generator.

Type Definitions


The most platform-appropriate Mersenne Twister flavor.