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Merge multiple streams into one.

Based on Yoshua Wuyts’s futures-concurrency crate and the corresponding Futures Concurrency III post.

The main trait of this crate is MergeStreams, which provides a merge function on tuples, arrays, and vectors of streams. The StreamExt trait provides a Stream::merge method to make merging two streams more convenient.


Merge multiple streams to handle values as soon as they’re ready, without ever dropping a single value:

use merge_streams::MergeStreams;
use futures_lite::future::block_on;
use futures_lite::{stream, StreamExt};

fn main() {
    block_on(async {
        let a = stream::once(1);
        let b = stream::once(2);
        let c = stream::once(3);
        let mut s = (a, b, c).merge();

        let mut counter = 0;
        s.for_each(|n| counter += n).await;
        assert_eq!(counter, 6);


Helper trait for converting values into a Stream.

Combines multiple streams into a single stream of all their outputs.

Extend Stream with a merge method.