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A set of memorable words, with convenience passphrase functions

The list of words is just WORDS.

You may likely prefer to use one of the provided passphrase generators. These accept a number of bits of entropy desired. This corresponds to the log2 of the number of passphrases that should be possible to generate. This interface allows the number of memorable words to be adjusted without making your code any less secure. You get to decide how secore the passphrase needs to be. If your concern is a network attacker, then you might think that the 44 bits of entropy advertized by xkcd is sufficient. If you are concerned about an offline attack on a hashed password file, then you'd better ask for more entropy or ensure that you use a seriously slow hashing algorithm and a good salt.

Note that while the algorithm guarantees the number of bits of entropy you request, it doesn't go far above that. So the fewer bits you request, the easier to remember the result should be.



A javascript script that generates passphrases.


The list of memorable words



Generate a CamelCase passphrase


Generate a kebab-case passphrase


Generate a snake_case passphrase


Generate a space-delimited passphrase