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A crate that performs mail client operations such as

  • Hold an Envelope with methods convenient for mail client use. (see module email)
  • Abstract through mail storages through the MailBackend trait, and handle read/writes/updates through it. (see module backends)
  • Decode attachments (see module email::attachments)
  • Create new mail (see email::Draft)
  • Send mail with an SMTP client (see module smtp)
  • Manage an addressbook i.e. have contacts (see module addressbook)
  • Build thread structures out of a list of mail via their In-Reply-To and References header values (see module thread)

Other exports are

  • Basic mail account configuration to use with backends (see module conf)
  • Parser combinators (see module parsec)
  • A ShellExpandTrait to expand paths like a shell.
  • A debug macro that works like std::dbg but for multiple threads. (see debug macro)


pub extern crate futures;
pub extern crate indexmap;
pub extern crate nom;
pub extern crate smallvec;
pub extern crate smol;
pub extern crate uuid;
pub extern crate xdg_utils;
pub use datetime::UnixTimestamp;
pub use self::logging::LoggingLevel::*;
pub use addressbook::*;
pub use backends::*;
pub use conf::*;
pub use email::*;
pub use crate::error::*;
pub use thread::*;
pub use shellexpand::ShellExpandTrait;


Basic mail account configuration to use with backends

Connections layers (TCP/fd/TLS/Deflate) to use with remote backends.

Functions for dealing with date strings and UNIX Epoch timestamps.

Email parsing and composing.

An error object for melib

Parser combinators.

SMTP client support

e-mail threading (conversations)





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