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provides a number of utilities for writing media-type parsers in rust


  • quoted_string: provides implementations for a number of traits from the quoted-string crate including ParsingImpl, QuotingClassifier and WithoutQuotingValidator. Implementations are provided for a number of different use cases including media-types in http, mime as well as a more strict impl for media types compatible with all other implementations and a impl being usable with media-types compatible with any (/at last one) of the other implementations.

  • lookup_table: provides a lut lookup table for bytes/us-ascii chars used in context of media-type parsing.

Note: Currently is crate is rather unstable. It will still keep to semver but changing to a newer (braking) version might induce large api changes. Sill bug-fixes to older versions can be done if requested so it can be used as a internal dependency. Just don’t expect that all braking changes will try to keep as much api compatibility as possible as it should be done with more stable crates


lut lookup tables for parsing media types
impl of EncodingSet’s for encoding parameter values if needed
impl of traits from the quoted-string crate for parsing media types