Module mdbook::config

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Mdbook’s configuration system.

The main entrypoint of the config module is the Config struct. This acts essentially as a bag of configuration information, with a couple pre-determined tables (BookConfig and BuildConfig) as well as support for arbitrary data which is exposed to plugins and alternative backends.


use std::path::PathBuf;
use std::str::FromStr;
use mdbook::Config;
use toml::Value;

let src = r#"
title = "My Book"
authors = ["Michael-F-Bryan"]

src = "out"

bar = 123

// load the `Config` from a toml string
let mut cfg = Config::from_str(src)?;

// retrieve a nested value
let bar = cfg.get("").cloned();
assert_eq!(bar, Some(Value::Integer(123)));

// Set the `output.html.theme` directory
cfg.set("output.html.theme", "./themes");

// then load it again, automatically deserializing to a `PathBuf`.
let got: Option<PathBuf> = cfg.get_deserialized_opt("output.html.theme")?;
assert_eq!(got, Some(PathBuf::from("./themes")));


  • Configuration options which are specific to the book and required for loading it from disk.
  • Configuration for the build procedure.
  • Configuration for tweaking how the HTML renderer handles code blocks.
  • The overall configuration object for MDBook, essentially an in-memory representation of book.toml.
  • Configuration for how to fold chapters of sidebar.
  • Configuration for the HTML renderer.
  • Configuration for tweaking how the HTML renderer handles the playground.
  • Configuration for how to render the print icon, print.html, and print.css.
  • Configuration for the Rust compiler(e.g., for playground)
  • Configuration of the search functionality of the HTML renderer.