[][src]Trait mdbook::renderer::Renderer

pub trait Renderer {
    fn name(&self) -> &str;
fn render(&self, ctx: &RenderContext) -> Result<()>; }

An arbitrary mdbook backend.

Although it's quite possible for you to import mdbook as a library and provide your own renderer, there are two main renderer implementations that 99% of users will ever use:

  • HtmlHandlebars - the built-in HTML renderer
  • CmdRenderer - a generic renderer which shells out to a program to do the actual rendering

Required methods

fn name(&self) -> &str

The Renderer's name.

fn render(&self, ctx: &RenderContext) -> Result<()>

Invoke the Renderer, passing in all the necessary information for describing a book.

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impl Renderer for CmdRenderer[src]

impl Renderer for HtmlHandlebars[src]

impl Renderer for MarkdownRenderer[src]

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