[][src]Trait mdbook::preprocess::Preprocessor

pub trait Preprocessor {
    fn name(&self) -> &str;
fn run(&self, ctx: &PreprocessorContext, book: Book) -> Result<Book>; fn supports_renderer(&self, _renderer: &str) -> bool { ... } }

An operation which is run immediately after loading a book into memory and before it gets rendered.

Required methods

fn name(&self) -> &str

Get the Preprocessor's name.

fn run(&self, ctx: &PreprocessorContext, book: Book) -> Result<Book>

Run this Preprocessor, allowing it to update the book before it is given to a renderer.

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Provided methods

fn supports_renderer(&self, _renderer: &str) -> bool

A hint to MDBook whether this preprocessor is compatible with a particular renderer.

By default, always returns true.

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impl Preprocessor for CmdPreprocessor[src]

impl Preprocessor for IndexPreprocessor[src]

impl Preprocessor for LinkPreprocessor[src]

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