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A library for programming stackful coroutines in Rust.

May is a high-performant library for programming stackful coroutines with which you can easily develop and maintain massive concurrent programs. It can be thought as the Rust version of the popular Goroutine.


  • The stackful coroutine’s implementation is based on generator;
  • Support schedule on a configurable number of threads for multi-core systems;
  • Support coroutine’s version of a local storage ([CLS][cls]);
  • Support efficient asynchronous network I/O;
  • Support efficient timer management;
  • Support standard synchronization primitives, a semaphore, an MPMC channel, etc;
  • Support cancellation of coroutines;
  • Support graceful panic handling that will not affect other coroutines;
  • Support scoped coroutine creation;
  • Support general selection for all the coroutine’s API;
  • All the coroutine’s API are compatible with the standard library semantics;
  • All the coroutine’s API can be safely called in multi-threaded context;
  • Both stable, beta, and nightly channels are supported;
  • Both x86_64 GNU/Linux, x86_64 Windows, x86_64 Mac OS are supported.




  • A macro to create a static of type LocalKey
  • macro used to create the select coroutine that will run in a infinite loop, and generate as many events as possible
  • macro used to create the select coroutine that will run only once, thus generate only one event
  • macro used to spawn a coroutine
  • macro used to spawn a coroutine with options such as name, stack_size.
  • macro used to join all scoped sub coroutines
  • macro used to select for only one event it will return the index of which event happens first


  • May Configuration type
  • A key for local data stored in a coroutine.


  • get the may configuration instance