Trait maud::Render[][src]

pub trait Render {
    fn render(&self) -> Markup { ... }
fn render_to(&self, buffer: &mut String) { ... } }
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Represents a type that can be rendered as HTML.

If your type implements Display, then it will implement this trait automatically through a blanket impl.

On the other hand, if your type has a custom HTML representation, then you can implement Render by hand. To do this, override either the .render() or .render_to() methods; since each is defined in terms of the other, you only need to implement one of them. See the example below.

Minimal implementation

An implementation of this trait must override at least one of .render() or .render_to(). Since the default definitions of these methods call each other, not doing this will result in infinite recursion.


use maud::{html, Markup, Render};

/// Provides a shorthand for linking to a CSS stylesheet.
pub struct Stylesheet(&'static str);

impl Render for Stylesheet {
    fn render(&self) -> Markup {
        html! {
            link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href=(self.0);

Provided methods

Renders self as a block of Markup.

Appends a representation of self to the given buffer.

Its default implementation just calls .render(), but you may override it with something more efficient.

Note that no further escaping is performed on data written to the buffer. If you override this method, you must make sure that any data written is properly escaped, whether by hand or using the Escaper wrapper struct.