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A library for Matroska file metadata parsing functionality

Implemented as a set of nested structs with public values which one can use directly.


use std::fs::File;
use matroska::Matroska;
let f = File::open("filename.mkv").unwrap();
let matroska = Matroska::open(f).unwrap();
println!("title : {:?}",;

For additional information about the Matroska format, see the official specification


An attached file (often used for cover art)

An audio track’s specifications

An individual chapter point

The display string for a chapter point entry

A complete set of chapters

An Info segment with information pertaining to the entire file

A Matroska file

General information about the target

An attached tag

Which elements the metadata’s tag applies to

A TrackEntry segment in the Tracks segment container

A video track’s specifications


Which form of language is in use

A possible error when parsing a Matroska file

The settings a track may have

A tag’s value

The type of value the tag is for

The type of a given track