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This library is a simple wrapper around the ssh2 crate to run SSH/SCP commands on a “mass” of hosts in parallel.

The massh library is mainly intended to support the massh binary: a Rust version of the parallel SSH program pssh(1).

If you want to try the CLI app, you can check it on GitHub and install it with Cargo:

cargo install massh

The rest of this documentation focuses on the library crate, which offers two types of SSH client: MasshClient and SshClient.

Check their respective documentation for the details of their public API with examples.


SSH client to run commands on multiple hosts in parallel.

Configuration for a MasshClient.

Configuration for a MasshClient target host.

SSH client to run commands on a single host.

SSH command output.


SSH authentication method.

Type Definitions

Unique string identifier (username@ip_address:port) for a MasshClient target host.

Receiving half of a std::sync::mpsc::channel which receives exactly 1 message per host.