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This library provides 2 object pools :

  • An object pool for single threaded scenarios.

  • An object pool for multi threaded scenarios.

An object pool is a collection of reusable objects, which are allocated in advance.

When the pool is initialized, it creates the entire collection of objects and initialize them to the "not in use" state.

When you want a new object, you ask the pool to give the first "not in use" object. When you no longer need the object, the object goes back to the "not in use" state and is recycled.

From the user's perspective, he creates(allocate) and destroys/drops(deallocate) objects, but no allocations occur.


In order to create a pool of T, T must implement the Recyclable trait.

use maskerad_object_pool::RcPool;
use maskerad_object_pool::Recyclable;

//We want to create a pool of monsters.

//Define the monster's data.
struct Monster {
hp :u32,
pub level: u32,

//Give it a default constructor.
impl Default for Monster {
   fn default() -> Self {
       Monster {
           hp: 10,
           level: 10,

//This is the trait we are interested in.
//With reinitialize(), we set the monster's level and hp to 1.
impl Recyclable for Monster {
  fn reinitialize(&mut self) {
      self.level = 1;
      self.hp = 1;

//Define its behavior.
impl Monster {
   pub fn level_up(&mut self) {
       self.level += 1;
//create 20 monsters.
let pool = RcPool::with_capacity(20, || {

    //We ask one monster from the pool.
    let monster = pool.create_strict()?;

    //We increment its level.

    //its level is now 11.
    assert_eq!(monster.borrow().level, 11);

    //He is the only monster in the pool to have a level > 10.
    let nb_monster_lvl_10 = pool.pool_slice()
    .filter(|monster| {
        monster.borrow().level <= 10

    assert_eq!(nb_monster_lvl_10, 19);

    //When exiting this scope, the RcHandle<Monster> will be dropped.
    //The reference count of this monster is equal to 2. When dropping,
    //if the reference count is equal to 2, the inner object of the RcHandle
    //is reinitialized by its Recyclable::reinitialize function.

// When reinitialized the monster's level is 1.
let nb_monster_lvl_1 = pool.pool_slice()
    .filter(|monster| {
        monster.borrow().level <= 1
assert_eq!(nb_monster_lvl_1, 1);



A wrapper around a Arc pointer to a RwLock<Poolable> object.


A wrapper around a vector of ArcHandle<T>.


A wrapper around a Rc pointer to a Poolable object with interior mutability.


A wrapper around a vector of RcHandle<T>.



A custom error enumeration, used by PoolResult as the error type.



If we want to create a pool of T, T must implement Recyclable.

Type Definitions


A simple typedef, for convenience.