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Public API of markdown-rs.

This module exposes primarily to_html(). It also exposes to_html_with_options() and to_mdast().

  • to_html() — safe way to transform (untrusted?) markdown into HTML
  • to_html_with_options() — like to_html but lets you configure how markdown is turned into HTML, such as allowing dangerous HTML or turning on/off different constructs (GFM, MDX, and the like)
  • to_mdast() — turn markdown into a syntax tree


  • default — nothing is enabled by default
  • json — enable serde to serialize the AST (includes dep:serde, dep:serde_json)
  • log — enable logging (includes dep:log); you can show logs with RUST_LOG=debug



  • Configuration that describes how to compile to HTML.
  • Control which constructs are enabled.
  • Configuration that describes how to parse from markdown and compile to HTML.
  • Configuration that describes how to parse from markdown.



Type Definitions