[][src]Crate markdown_heading_id

Filter for the Parser of crate pulldown-cmark

This crate provides a filter of Parser which converts headings with custom ID into HTML. It uses the syntax of headings IDs defined in Extended Syntax of Markdown.

For example, if we have the following fragment of Markdown

# Heading {#heading-id}

then it is converted into a fragment of HTML below:

<h2 id="heading-id">Heading</h2>


It is easy to use a filter provided by this crate. HeadingId wraps an instance of Parser and it can be passed to push_html or write_html, because HeadingId implements the trait Iterator<Item=Event<'a>>. An example is given below:

use pulldown_cmark::Parser;
use pulldown_cmark::html::push_html;
use markdown_heading_id::HeadingId;

let parser = Parser::new("## Heading {#heading-id}");
let parser = HeadingId::new(parser);
let mut buf = String::new();
push_html(&mut buf, parser);
assert_eq!(buf.trim_end(), r#"<h2 id="heading-id">Heading</h2>"#);



Converts headings with ID into HTML