[][src]Crate mango_client

This library can fetch and parse opds data from selfhosted mango instances.

It enables you to get easy access to all your comics and mangas, get easily resized thumbnails for entries or get the download links.

Usage for Embedded Systems / Cross compilation

This library uses reqwest which depends on OpenSSL.

If you compile it for another system where the library is either not present or your cross compiling toolchain doen't provide OpenSSL, you can solve that by vendoring OpenSSL which compiles and integrates OpenSSL into your binary.

For that add the following dependency before this library: openssl = { version = "~0.10.30", features = [ "vendored" ] } (A higher version than allowed might work, too. Not guarntees though.)



The Asynchronous API for accessing mango instances.


A rudemantary implementation of opds which is used to issue the http(s) requests to the mango server.