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Malvolio is a library for writing declarative, strongly-typed HTML. If you’ve come accross the “builder pattern” that’s what, in essence, this library is. While there are many excellent (and thoughtful) approaches people have developed for producing HTML code inside of Rust programs, most of these use macros; Malvolio’s API avoids trying to escape confines of the language by jumping out the macro “escape hatch”.

Malvolio is “isomorphic” (you can use it both on servers and in browsers – Malvolio integrates with Yew in order to work inside browsers). If you’d like to use Yew, you’ll need to activate the “with_yew” feature. If you activate the “with_rocket” feature, Rocket’s Responder trait is implemented for Html, so you can return the Html type from routes.

Although in early stages, Malvolio works and is suitable for general use. There are likely to be quite a few API breakages, however.


Malvolio uses no unsafe code.

Crate structure (for consumers of the crate)

Most of the important things are re-exported from prelude. If you’re burning to try Malvolio out, adding use malvolio::prelude::*; will import all the HTML tags that Malvolio supports – after that you should be good to go! If you run into problems feel free to reach out for help. The best place to do this at the moment is the Yew Discord server (a link to this can be found on the Yew website)

Note that although Malvolio should support all of the HTML specification, it might be missing a few pieces – if you spot somethng missing please file an issue! Malvolio intends to support the full specification.

Internally, most things are in the tag module, although some common attributes are in the attributes module. Some extra items which are only available when the “with_yew” feature is enabled can be found in the vnode modules, but these are not exported publically.

CSS support

Malvolio supports standard CSS things (classes, style attributes), but if you’re looking for a “rust in css” style solution (which allows you to write your CSS using Rust) have a look at a library we maintain for doing this called Mercutio. Note that this is not yet released.

UI library

This may or may not work for you, but we also maintain a UI library called Portia (I know, so many Shakespearian characters :D) that has a (we think, but if you don’t think, please give feedback :D) nice set of abstractions that make it easier to write user interfaces more easily. This is also not yet released.


We welcome contributions, issues, concerns and suggestions (if you just want to chat, join us in the #malvolio channel on the Yew Discord server)! Malvolio’s source code is located in our Github repository.


Attributes which can be attached to multiple nodes.

A list of types which are useful for using the library. Unless you have name conflicts, we recommend just inserting a use malvolio::prelude::*; in files where you’re using Malvolio.

The different HTML tags which Malvolio supports.

A text node.


Produces documentation for utility enumerations.