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A png decoder

This features a simple PNG reader in Rust which supports decoding of valid ISO/IEC 15948:2003 (E) or PNG images


  • Fast inflate decoder
  • Platform specific intrinsics for accelerated decoding on x86
  • Endian aware decoding support.


Add the library to Cargo.toml

Decode to raw bytes.

This is a simple decode operation which returns raw bytes of the image.

  • Note: The interpretation of the data varies depending on the endianness of the source image, for 16 bit depth images each two bytes represent a single pixel in a configurable endian. So one should inspect PngDecoder::get_bit_depth to get bit depth of image in order to understand the raw bytes layout.

A more convenient API is given below, using decode

 use zune_png::PngDecoder;
 let mut decoder = PngDecoder::new(&[]);

 let pixels = decoder.decode_raw();

Decode to u8 or u16 depending on depth

From above limitation, there are needs to treat result types differently depending on the image’s bit depth.

That’s what the decode api for the PngDecoder does.

 use zune_png::PngDecoder;
 use zune_core::result::DecodingResult;
 let mut decoder = PngDecoder::new(&[]);

 let pixels = decoder.decode().unwrap();

 match pixels {
        // do something with images with 8 bit depths
        // do something with images with 16 bit depths

The above has a more complicated API, but it ensures that you handle any image depth correctly.

E.g one can make it that 16 bit images are scaled to 8 bit images.

Endian aware decoding support

One can set the target endianness of bits for 16 bit images by using DecoderOptions::set_endian which will be respected by decode_raw and decode_into functions

Decoding from RGB to RGBA

Some endpoints may require data to be in RGBA such as GPUs but not all pngs have the alpha channel.

  • Note: When input is in Luma, the transform will convert it to Luma+Alpha and not RGB+Alpha to convert it to such types use the zune-image crate which provides efficient transforms for that
 use zune_core::options::DecoderOptions;
 use zune_png::PngDecoder;
 // set option to add alpha channel
 let options = DecoderOptions::default().png_set_add_alpha_channel(true);
 // use the above option to decode
 let mut decoder = PngDecoder::new_with_options(&[],options);

 // the colorspace will always be have an alpha

Extracting metadata

Once headers have been decoded, image metadata can be accessed via get_info() method

Some data is usually borrowed from the underlying reader, so the lifetime of the PngInfo struct is tied to the lifetime of the PngDecoder struct from which it was derived




  • Errors possible during png operations