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A pure rust replacement for the miniz DEFLATE/zlib encoder/decoder. The plan for this crate is to be used as a back-end for the flate2 crate and eventually remove the need to depend on a C library.


Simple compression/decompression:

use makepad_miniz::inflate::decompress_to_vec;
use makepad_miniz::deflate::compress_to_vec;

fn roundtrip(data: &[u8]) {
    let compressed = compress_to_vec(data, 6);
    let decompressed = decompress_to_vec(compressed.as_slice()).expect("Failed to decompress!");



  • Adler-32 checksum implementation.
  • This module contains functionality for compression.
  • This module contains functionality for decompression.


  • A structure containg the result of a call to the inflate or deflate streaming functions.


  • How compressed data is wrapped.
  • A list of miniz failed status codes.
  • A list of flush types.
  • A list of miniz successful status codes.


Type Aliases

  • Result alias for all miniz status codes both successful and failed.