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Magpie is a reasonably efficient Othello library.

This library allows the user to play a full game of Othello. Do note that there is currently no explicit support of Reversi, a very similar game. However, magpie is flexible enough that it is possible to play Reversi as well, if the user is willing to do some additional bookkeeping.

Magpie is implemented using bitboards, which allows for extremely fast updates and queries while also being memory efficient. More information about bitboards can be found at Wikipedia.

Magpie is intentionally minimalistic and requires the user to keep track of various aspects of the game, such as the next player to move. The library is used for calculating legal moves and applying them while still giving the user enough access to the internals to satisfy a wide array of applications in a safe way.

Serialization with Serde is not supported by default. If you want to opt into using magpie with Serde you can enable a feature flag. Simply change your magpie dependency to the following:

magpie = {version = "0.9.0", features = ["serde"]}


Contains structs and functions that are useful when playing Othello.