HTTP specific body utilities.

Generic client implementation.

Generic encoding and decoding.

Contains data structures and utilities for handling gRPC custom metadata.

Generic server implementation.

Utilities for using Tower services with Tonic.

Batteries included server and client.


Include an encoded prost_types::FileDescriptorSet as a &'static [u8]. The parameter must be the stem of the filename passed to file_descriptor_set_path for the tonic-build::Builder, excluding the .bin extension.

Include generated proto server and client items.


A type map of protocol extensions.

A gRPC request and metadata from an RPC call.

A gRPC response and metadata from an RPC call.

A gRPC status describing the result of an RPC call.

Streaming requests and responses.


gRPC status codes used by Status.


Trait implemented by RPC request types.

Trait implemented by RPC streaming request types.

Attribute Macros