Function macroquad::file::set_pc_assets_folder[][src]

pub fn set_pc_assets_folder(path: &str)
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There are super common project layout like this:

   ├── assets
   ├── └── nice_texture.png
   ├── src
   ├── └──
   └── Cargo.toml

when such a project being run on desktop assets should be referenced as “assets/nice_texture.png”. While on web or android it usually is just “nice_texture.png”. The reason: on PC assets are being referenced relative to current active directory/executable path. In most IDEs its the root of the project. While on, say, android it is:

assets = "assets"

And therefore on android assets are referenced from the root of “assets” folder.

In the future there going to be some sort of meta-data file for PC as well. But right now to resolve this situation and keep pathes consistent across platforms set_pc_assets_folder("assets");call before first load_file/load_texture will allow using same pathes on PC and Android.