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This library implements the LZX compression format as described in LZX DELTA Compression and Decompression, revision 9.0.

Lempel-Ziv Extended (LZX) is an LZ77-based compression engine, as described in UASDC, that is a universal lossless data compression algorithm. It performs no analysis on the data.

Lempel-Ziv Extended Delta (LZXD) is a derivative of the Lempel-Ziv Extended (LZX) format with some modifications to facilitate efficient delta compression.

In order to use this module, refer to the main Lzxd type and its methods.


The main interface to perform LZXD decompression.


The error type used when decompression fails.

The window size is not stored in the compressed data stream and must be known before decoding begins.


A chunk represents exactly 32 KB of uncompressed data until the last chunk in the stream, which can represent less than 32 KB.