Crate lz_stream_io [] [src]

This crate provides AsyncRead and AsyncWrite implementations for Stream and Sink instances over byte buffers.

The StreamRead and SinkWrite types may be used like so:

extern crate bytes;
extern crate futures;
extern crate tokio_io;
extern crate lz_stream_io;
use futures::{Future, Stream, Sink};
use futures::unsync::mpsc;
use std::io::{Result as IoResult, ErrorKind as IoErrorKind};
use bytes::Bytes;
use tokio_io::io as async_io;
use lz_stream_io::{SinkWrite, StreamRead};
fn main() {
    // The sink item type must implement From<&[u8]>
    // The stream item type must implement AsRef<[u8]>
    let (sink, stream) = mpsc::unbounded::<Bytes>();
    // Both sink and stream must have an error type which std::io::Error
    // can be created from
    let sink = sink.sink_map_err(|_| IoErrorKind::InvalidData);
    let stream = stream.map_err(|_| IoErrorKind::InvalidData);
    let write = SinkWrite::new(sink);
    let read = StreamRead::new(stream);
    async_io::write_all(write, b"hello")
        .and_then(|(write, _)| async_io::write_all(write, b" world"))
        .and_then(|_| async_io::read_to_end(read, vec![]))
        .and_then(|(_, bytes)| {
            assert_eq!(bytes, b"hello world");



A Write and AsyncWrite implementation for a Sink of byte buffers.


A Read, BufRead and AsyncRead implementation for a Stream of byte buffers.