[][src]Crate lv2rs

This is a prototype of an idiomatic library empowering you to create LV2-compatible plugins for audio applications with ease.

How to use it?

If you want to get started with LV2, you should checkout the tutorial first. It is a "translation" of the original LV2 Book by David Robillard, one of the creators of LV2, from C to Rust.

The core of the library is formed by the core crate, which contains a trait and a macro that makes the creation of plugins easy. Then, there are the atom and the midi crates, which provide general data exchange and MIDI messages.

What is supported, what isn't?

Currently 4 out of 22 official and stable LV2 specifications are supported. These are:

  • Atom
  • LV2
  • MIDI
  • URID

This is a frozen prototype and therefore, development of this crate will not continue here. Further development continues as rust-lv2.


pub extern crate lv2rs_atom as atom;
pub extern crate lv2rs_core as core;
pub extern crate lv2rs_midi as midi;
pub extern crate lv2rs_urid as urid;



Re-export module intended for wildcard use