Function luminance::pipeline::pipeline [] [src]

pub fn pipeline<L, D, CS, DS, F>(
    framebuffer: &Framebuffer<L, D, CS, DS>,
    clear_color: [f32; 4],
    f: F
) where
    L: Layerable,
    D: Dimensionable,
    D::Size: Copy,
    CS: ColorSlot<L, D>,
    DS: DepthSlot<L, D>,
    F: FnOnce(&ShadingGate), 

A dynamic rendering pipeline. A pipeline is responsible of rendering into a Framebuffer.

L refers to the Layering of the underlying Framebuffer.

D refers to the Dim of the underlying Framebuffer.

CS and DS are – respectively – the color and depth Slot(s) of the underlying Framebuffer.

Pipelines also have several transient objects:

  • a clear color, used to clear the framebuffer
  • a texture set, used to make textures available in subsequent structures
  • a buffer set, used to make uniform buffers available in subsequent structures