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A platform agnostic driver to interface with LPS22HB pressure sensor module.

This driver allows you to:

NOTE: Only I2C interface is supported at the moment. //!

Datasheet: LPS22HB

Usage examples (see also examples folder)

Please find additional examples using hardware in this repository: examples

Read pressure and temperature

use lps22hb::interface::{I2cInterface, i2c::I2cAddress};
use lps22hb::*;

let mut lps22 =;

let pressure = lps22.read_pressure().unwrap();
let temperature = lps22.read_temperature().unwrap();


Various functions related to configuration

Various functions related to FIFO

Interface trait

Various functions related to interrupts

Register mapping and bitmasks

Functions related to sensor measurements: reading value or status, setting offset and reference


Holds the driver instance with the selected interface


FIFO mode selection. (Refer to Table 20)

Interrupt active setting for the INT_DRDY pin: active high (default) or active low

INT_DRDY pin configuration. (Refer to Table 19)

Interrupt pad setting for INT_DRDY pin: push-pull (default) or open-drain.

Output data rate and power mode selection (ODR). (Refer to Table 17)

SPI interface mode