Module lpc55_hal::prelude[][src]


pub use crate::traits::wg::digital::v2::OutputPin as _;
pub use crate::traits::wg::digital::v2::StatefulOutputPin as _;
pub use crate::time::DurationExtensions as _;
pub use crate::time::RateExtensions as _;
pub use crate::traits::flash::Read as _;
pub use crate::traits::flash::WriteErase as _;
pub use super::drivers::prelude::*;



Input capture


Pulse Width Modulation


A single PWM channel / pin


Quadrature encoder interface


ADCs that sample on single channels per request, and do so at the time of the request.


Millisecond delay


Microsecond delay


Blocking read


Blocking write


Blocking write + read


Blocking read


Write half of a serial interface (blocking variant)


Blocking transfer


Blocking write


Single digital input pin


Single digital push-pull output pin


Output pin that can be toggled


Read half of a serial interface


Write half of a serial interface


Full duplex (master mode)


A count down timer


Feeds an existing watchdog to ensure the processor isn’t reset. Sometimes commonly referred to as “kicking” or “refreshing”.


Disables a running watchdog timer so the processor won’t be reset.


Enables A watchdog timer to reset the processor if software is frozen or stalled.