Function log::set_logger_raw [] [src]

pub unsafe fn set_logger_raw<M>(make_logger: M) -> Result<(), SetLoggerError> where
    M: FnOnce(MaxLogLevelFilter) -> *const Log

Sets the global logger from a raw pointer.

This function is similar to set_logger except that it is usable in no_std code.

The make_logger closure is passed a MaxLogLevel object, which the logger should use to keep the global maximum log level in sync with the highest log level that the logger will not ignore.

This function may only be called once in the lifetime of a program. Any log events that occur before the call to set_logger_raw completes will be ignored.

This function does not typically need to be called manually. Logger implementations should provide an initialization method that calls set_logger_raw internally.


The pointer returned by make_logger must remain valid for the entire duration of the program or until shutdown_logger_raw is called. In addition, shutdown_logger must not be called after this function.