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Lodust - API Documentation

Lodust is the Rust version of Lodash, which is a modern Javascript utilty library delivering modularity, performance & extras.


Depend on lodust in Cargo.toml:

lodust = "0.1.0"

Functions Categorization

We follow the flat function structure of Lodash, but the functions can be categorized into following areas:

stringUtility functions to deal with Strings
arrayUtility functions to deal with Arrays (Not yet support)
collectionUtility functions to deal with Collections (Not yet support)
objectUtility functions to deal with Objects (Not yet support)


(String) Converts the input string into Camel-Case format.

(String) Converts first character of the input string to upper case and the remaining characters to lower case.

(String) Checks if string ends with the given target string.

(String) Converts the input string into Kebab-Case format.

(String) Split the input string into array of its words.