Crate lockchain_http[][src]

A plug and play http interface layer for various lockchain components

The way this is done is by shimming a common REST interface (via actix-web) in between common lockchain-core types and the lockchain-client library which is a base wrapper around reqwest which uses this API.

You can of course also use whatever other library, in whatever language you want to access this API. Doing so via the official client gives you the ability to negotiate version numbers and have more advanced error handling built-in.

Ideally this shim-layer version should be the same as the lockchain-core it binds against, however especially during development this won't always be the case.

Note: API endpoint documentation can be found here



Data models specific to the lockchain API




Create a new lockchain-http server for a vault state

Type Definitions


A simple rename of the long generic types that are returned for a new server