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litemap is a crate providing LiteMap, a highly simplistic “flat” key-value map based off of a single sorted vector.

The goal of this crate is to provide a map that is good enough for small sizes, and does not carry the binary size impact of HashMap or BTreeMap.

If binary size is not a concern, std::collections::BTreeMap may be a better choice for your use case. It behaves very similarly to LiteMap for less than 12 elements, and upgrades itself gracefully for larger inputs.

Pluggable Backends

By default, LiteMap is backed by a Vec; however, it can be backed by any appropriate random-access data store, giving that data store a map-like interface. See the store module for more details.


  • Traits for pluggable LiteMap backends.
  • Test utilities, primarily targeted to custom LiteMap stores.


  • A simple “flat” map based on a sorted vector