Module lindel::new_uints[][src]

A macro that creates a new [usize; N] data-type that behaves as an integer for the purposes of accepting a new Key.

The create_lineariseable_data_type macro accepts three arguments:

  1. The coordinate data-type, an unsigned integer
  2. The amount of dimensions that the data-set must have
  3. A name for the new data-type that will function as the key. (Must be provided by the user.)

We haven’t yet tried whether it can accept the new data-types it output as input coordinates; u128s were considered enough as a limit.

Example usage:

lindel::create_lineariseable_data_type!(u128, 33, NewKey);
let input = [870u128; 33];
let hind = NewKey::hilbert_index(input);
let zind = NewKey::z_index(input);
let reinstated_input = hind.from_hilbert_index();
assert_eq!(input, reinstated_input);
let reinstated_input = NewKey::from_z_index(zind);
assert_eq!(input, reinstated_input);


Please bear in mind that the new data-type has only implemented whichever methods and operators were strictly necessary for its operation as a Key; for instance, only wrapping addition is implemented, and subtraction is lacking entirely.