Trait lightning::chain::chaininterface::FeeEstimator[][src]

pub trait FeeEstimator {
    fn get_est_sat_per_1000_weight(
        confirmation_target: ConfirmationTarget
    ) -> u32; }
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A trait which should be implemented to provide feerate information on a number of time horizons.

Note that all of the functions implemented here must be reentrant-safe (obviously - they’re called from inside the library in response to chain events, P2P events, or timer events).

Required methods

Gets estimated satoshis of fee required per 1000 Weight-Units.

Must be no smaller than 253 (ie 1 satoshi-per-byte rounded up to ensure later round-downs don’t put us below 1 satoshi-per-byte).

This translates to:

  • satoshis-per-byte * 250
  • ceil(satoshis-per-kbyte / 4)