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Ligen (Language Interface Generator) is an extensible macro-based multi-language binding generator.

We officially support ligen-c, a binding generator for the Programming Language C.

You can add ligen to your codebase by adding #[ligen] attributes to the items you want to export. It is as simple as this:

use ligen::ligen;
use ligen_c::ligen_c;
use ligen_cpp::ligen_cpp;

pub struct Counter {
  count: u32

#[ligen(c, cpp)]
impl Counter {
  pub fn new() -> Self { Self { count: 0 } }

  pub fn count(&mut self) { self.count += 1; }

  pub fn get_count(&self) -> u32 { self.count }

which generates the following file:

Getting started

Here are a few links to get started:


pub use ligen_core as core;
pub use ligen_macro as attribute_macro;



Ligen intermediate representation.

Prelude module with error handling types and others types.

proc-macro entrypoint.

Ligen Utils



Generator trait.

Attribute Macros