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Angel Whisper

Gitter Build Status codecov The reference implementation of Angel Whisper Wire Protocol under development. As of today, this is the only documentation of protocol available. This is refactoring of my first attempt to write this thing. However my first attempt was too broad, so I've made a decision to separate llsd module into its own crate to allow the creation of implementation in other languages.

Angel Whisper is my attempt to build light and fast wire protocol that is suitable in IoT world and the just regular world. However, no promises. This library meant to handle encryption as well and decoding/encoding of frames. This library doesn't handle anything else like request routing, RPC, etc. The plan is to build a framework on top of this.

This library in no way production or even development ready. Meaning everything including wire format is subject to change. The goal is to have at least three languages talking to each other using this protocol by the end of 2017.


TODO: Write usage instructions here



This module contain error type returned by this library.


This is how frames look on the wire. This module doesn't handle Frame generation — generation is done in session module.


This module handles Session (singular) management. The session is responsible for Frame generation and encryption.