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libunftp is an extensible, async, cloud orientated FTP(S) server library.

Because of its plug-able authentication (e.g. PAM, JSON File, Generic REST) and storage backends (e.g. local filesystem, Google Cloud Storage) it’s more flexible than traditional FTP servers and a perfect match for the cloud.

It runs on top of the Tokio asynchronous run-time and tries to make use of Async IO as much as possible.

Quick Start

Add the libunftp and tokio crates to your project’s dependencies in Cargo.toml. Then also choose a storage back-end implementation to add. Here we choose the file system back-end:

libunftp = "0.18.8"
unftp-sbe-fs = "0.2.0"
tokio = { version = "1", features = ["full"] }

Now you’re ready to develop your server! Add the following to src/

use unftp_sbe_fs::ServerExt;

pub async fn main() {
    let ftp_home = std::env::temp_dir();
    let server = libunftp::Server::with_fs(ftp_home)
        .greeting("Welcome to my FTP server")


You can now run your server with cargo run and connect to localhost:2121 with your favourite FTP client e.g.:

lftp -p 2121 localhost


Contains the Authenticator and UserDetail traits that are used to extend libunftp’s authentication and user detail storage capabilities.
Allows users to listen to events emitted by libunftp.
Contains code pertaining to the setup options that can be given to the Server
Contains the StorageBackend trait that can be implemented to create virtual file systems for libunftp.


An instance of an FTP(S) server. It aggregates an Authenticator implementation that will be used for authentication, and a StorageBackend implementation that will be used as the virtual file system.
Error returned by the Server.listen method