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Paillier-rs contains Paillier’s cryptosystem (1999) Public-Key Cryptosystems based on composite degree residuosity class. See


pub use unknown_order;


A Paillier decryption key

A Paillier encryption key

Proof that a Paillier modulus is square free. The proof checks that there are “small” factors, that can be inverted in with a Paillier modulus and the number of parallel instances needed for soundness relates to how high to check. For a security parameter k, where we check for prime factors up to t, need l parallel instances where l is the smallest integer such that t^l > 2^k. For 128-bit security, t = 1000 and l = 13, and Paillier modulus is ≥ 2048 bits.

Type Definitions

A Paillier Ciphertext

A Paillier nonce used during encryption