[][src]Trait libp2p_noise::Protocol

pub trait Protocol<C> {
    fn params_ik() -> ProtocolParams;
fn params_ix() -> ProtocolParams;
fn params_xx() -> ProtocolParams;
fn public_from_bytes(s: &[u8]) -> Result<PublicKey<C>, NoiseError>; fn linked(id_pk: &PublicKey, dh_pk: &PublicKey<C>) -> bool { ... }
fn verify(
        id_pk: &PublicKey,
        dh_pk: &PublicKey<C>,
        sig: &Option<Vec<u8>>
    ) -> bool
        C: AsRef<[u8]>
, { ... } }

A Noise protocol over DH keys of type C. The choice of C determines the protocol parameters for each handshake pattern.

Required methods

fn params_ik() -> ProtocolParams

The protocol parameters for the IK handshake pattern.

fn params_ix() -> ProtocolParams

The protocol parameters for the IX handshake pattern.

fn params_xx() -> ProtocolParams

The protocol parameters for the XX handshake pattern.

fn public_from_bytes(s: &[u8]) -> Result<PublicKey<C>, NoiseError>

Construct a DH public key from a byte slice.

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Provided methods

fn linked(id_pk: &PublicKey, dh_pk: &PublicKey<C>) -> bool

Determines whether the authenticity of the given DH static public key and public identity key is linked, i.e. that proof of ownership of a secret key for the static DH public key implies that the key is authentic w.r.t. the given public identity key.

The trivial case is when the keys are byte for byte identical.

fn verify(
    id_pk: &PublicKey,
    dh_pk: &PublicKey<C>,
    sig: &Option<Vec<u8>>
) -> bool where
    C: AsRef<[u8]>, 

Verifies that a given static DH public key is authentic w.r.t. a given public identity key in the context of an optional signature.

The given static DH public key is assumed to already be authentic in the sense that possession of a corresponding secret key has been established, as is the case at the end of a Noise handshake involving static DH keys.

If the public keys are linked, verification succeeds without a signature, otherwise a signature over the static DH public key must be given and is verified with the public identity key, establishing the authenticity of the static DH public key w.r.t. the public identity key.

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