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Porting project for the liblet library of the Unimi course "Linguaggi e Traduttori" in Rust.

The aim of this library is to provide a set of convenient data types representing the usual objects of study of formal languages and parsing such as: grammars, productions, derivations...

More info about the original library can be found here.

At the moment the library follows a learning goal, which means it's useful to use in order to achieve a better understanding of the formal languages world and objects. This porting also aims to deliver, over the library already existing stuff, some other ready algorithms implementations in order to better comprehend how objects can interact with others. However, this should not be a reference for algorithms implementations, but a set of tools to create your own, instead. They will be there, too, just in case.


This project is also a learning project for writing libraries in Rust. If you encounter any issue or have any advice, please report them. Thanks a lot.


Simple grammar creation from string:

use liblet::grammar::grammar;

// grammar creation from string
let g = grammar("
    S -> A | B
    A -> a
    B -> b

Derivation steps over a grammar:

use liblet::grammar::grammar;
use liblet::derivation::derivation;
use liblet::symbol::symbol;

// grammar creation from string
let g = grammar("
    S -> A | B
    A -> a
    B -> b

// derivation created over the grammar g
// and two derivation steps applied, in order
// to obtain an "a" sentential form
let d = derivation(g).step(0,0)?.step(2,0)?;

assert_eq!(d.sentential_form(), vec![symbol("a")]);


pub use self::automaton::Automaton;
pub use self::automaton::Transition;
pub use self::derivation::Derivation;
pub use self::derivation::DerivationError;
pub use self::derivation::DerivationStep;
pub use self::grammar::Grammar;
pub use self::grammar::GrammarError;
pub use self::production::Production;
pub use self::production::ProductionError;
pub use self::production::ProductionPredicate;
pub use self::symbol::Symbol;
pub use self::symbol::SymbolError;



A module for working with automaton and transitions.


Module for handling all derivation related operations.


Module for handling all grammar related operations.


Module for handling all productions related operations.


Module for handling all symbols related operations.



Errors resulting from tokenizing strings.