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libblkid_rs provides programmatic access in Rust to the C library libblkid.


The organization of the modules reflects the organization of the modules in the C library. The main goal of this library is to maintain the same general structure while taking advantage of Rust idioms.

List of methods modified

  • blkid_devno_to_wholedisk - This bindings method handles the buffer internally and therefore does not require a buffer argument. The limit for the maximum size of the returned device name is 4096 bytes. Please open an issue if more characters are required.
  • blkid_get_dev_size - This method takes a &Path in the bindings and provides libblkid with the desired file descriptor.

List of methods not included

  • blkid_verify - This method is not included because the struct flag that will notify the caller of whether it succeeded or not cannot be accessed from the public API.


pub use crate::consts::*;


Module containing all typed constants


Data structure representing cache in libblkid

Block device found by blkid

Iterator for blkid-discovered block devices

Device number

A handle for working with a probed partition.

A handle for traversing a list of partitions.

A handle for working with partition tables.

A structure for probing block devices.

A struct representing a count with units of sectors.

Iterator for tags associated with a device

A handle for traversing the blkid topology of devices.

A Universally Unique Identifier (UUID).


Error representing all errors returned by binding methods


Encode potentially unsafe characters in the given string parameter.

Find the path of a device matching an unparsed tag or a path to a device mapper node such as /dev/dm-0

Find the path of a device matching a tag

Get library version

Get the name of a partition type at the given index in the libblkid internal state.

Get the name and flags of a superblock at the given index in the libblkid internal state.

Check if the given string containing a filesystem name is a known filesystem type.

Checks whether the name provided is a known partition type.

Parse a tag string into a tuple of type and value

Parse a version string into a version code

Generate a safe string that allows ascii, hex-escaping, and utf8. Whitespaces become _.

Send a uevent to a device specified by the device path

Type Definitions

Re-export of Result with an error type of BlkidErr