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This the library libblackbody which intends to be a general purpose thermogram file reading library. Currently it supports TIFF files and some FLIR cameras. It is used by Blackbody, a simple thermogram viewer.

Support for FLIR files is provided by the flyr library. A list of supported cameras can be found in the project repository's README. Tiff files are read making use of image-rs/tiff.


This library is available on crates.io. Install by adding it to your Cargo.toml.


Call Thermogram::from_file on your file to get a Thermogram object. It can be used according to the specification of ThermogramTrait.

let file_path = "/home/user/FLIR0123.jpg";
let r_thermogram = Thermogram::from_file(&file_path);
match r_thermogram {
    None => println!("Failed opening thermogram {:?}", file_path),
    Some(thermogram) => {
        println!("Successfully opened thermogram {:?}", file_path);
        // Do something with `thermogram`
        // ...

The file is allowed to be a TIFF or a FLIR jpeg.

Interface of a thermogram

The methods listed below are available and recommended for use. Consult the documentation of the trait for more details on the functions.

pub trait ThermogramTrait {
    fn thermal(&self) -> &Array<f32, Ix2>;  // Extract the thermal data
    fn optical(&self) -> &Array<u8, Ix3>>;  // Extract embedded photos, if present
    fn identifier(&self) -> &str;  // A uniquely identifying string for this thermogram
    fn render(&self min_temp: f32, max_temp: f32, palette: [[f32; 3]; 256]) -> Array<u8, Ix3>;  // Thermal data render using the given palette
    fn render_defaults(&self) -> Array<u8, Ix3>;  // Thermal data rendered using default settings
    fn thermal_shape(&self) -> [usize; 2];  // The [height, width] of the thermal data
    fn normalized_minmax(&self) -> Array<f32, Ix2>;  // Thermal data normalized to lie in the range 0.0..=1.0

Issue tracking

Issue tracking happens in the Blackbody repository.


pub use crate::flir::FlirThermogram;
pub use crate::thermogram::Thermogram;
pub use crate::thermogram_trait::ThermogramTrait;
pub use crate::tiff::TiffThermogram;