Crate libalgobsec_sys[][src]

Unsafe bindings to the Bosch BSEC library.

Important license information

The BSEC library is proprietary. Thus, it cannot be included in this crate and its documentation need to be obtained separately. You are responsible for adhering to that license in your products despite the source code of this crate to generate the necessary bindings is published under a permissive license.

Note that the source code of this crate does not contain any of the BSEC source code, API declartions, or documentation.


To be able to use this crate it needs to know where to find the BSEC header files and library on your system. These paths are provided as the configuration options bsec_include_path and bsec_library_path to the Rust compiler.

You can do this by creating a .cargo/config file in your crate with the following content (adjust the paths accordingly):

rustflags = [
    '--cfg', 'bsec_include_path="/path/to/BSEC_1.4.8.0_Generic_Release/algo/normal_version/inc"',
    '--cfg', 'bsec_library_path="/path/to/BSEC_1.4.8.0_Generic_Release/algo/normal_version/bin/target-arch"',

Building local BSEC documentation

If you build the documentation locally with cargo doc, after the above setup, BSEC documentation extracted from the header files will be included.