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LibRapid - A general purpose, optimised library for mathematics and computer science.

This crate allows for faster calculations for mathematics, physics, or computer science. All implementations are optmised for speed, meaning your computations will be faster and more efficient. Some implementations include mathematical sets or text compression.


  • This part is designed for high performance chemistry. We also have a periodic system of elements.
  • This part of LibRapid is designed for computer science - Huffman text compression, dates and other tools related to computers and data types.
  • This part of the library is designed for mathematics and physics - evaluating postfix-notation expressions, unions on customised sets or temperature conversion;Those features are among those implemented for LibRapid.


  • Calculate the arithmetic mean.
  • Evaluate a mathematical expression in postfix notation (“Reverse Polish Notation”) at compile time. greater than, less than etc. are also possible.
  • Calculate the harmonic mean.
  • Calculate the median.
  • Calculate the mid range.
  • Calculate the mode.
  • Creates a new VecSet more elegantly from values.