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This is the documentation for the lib-battleship crate. It implements the core logic for every game of battleship.

You can set up the game by creating and configuring a PreGame object like so:

use lib_battleship::PreGame;
use lib_battleship::common::CellStatus;
use lib_battleship::common::Dimensional;
use lib_battleship::common::Player::*;
use lib_battleship::common::Orientation::*;
use lib_battleship::results::ShootOk;

// when hard-coding the game's dimensions, use `unwrap()`.
// PreGame's constructor makes sure that the battlefield
// is no smaller than 2x2.
let mut pregame = PreGame::new(10, 10).unwrap();

// add ship types
// `PreGame` validates that a ship is no shorter
// than 1 in length, thus the call to `unwrap()`.
let sub = pregame.add_ship_type("Submarine", 1).unwrap();
let corvette = pregame.add_ship_type("Corvette", 2).unwrap();

// Then each player has to place all their ships on the battlefield. Each player has one
// ship of every ship type. PreGame also validates the placement of each ship.
pregame.place_ship(P1, &corvette, 0, 0, Horizontal).unwrap();
pregame.place_ship(P1, &sub, 9, 9, Horizontal).unwrap();

pregame.place_ship(P2, &corvette, 5, 5, Vertical).unwrap();
pregame.place_ship(P2, &sub, 3, 7, Horizontal).unwrap();

// Display a player's battlefield by iterating over its cells like so:
for y in 0..pregame.height() {
    for x in 0..pregame.width() {
        // PreGame::get_cell only returns Empty or Ship.
        let char = match pregame.get_cell(P1, x, y) {
            CellStatus::Empty => " ",
            CellStatus::Ship => "X",
            _ => unreachable!()
        print!("{}", char);

// When all ships have been placed, start the game. PreGame::start() checks that all ships
// have been placed and will complain if that's not the case.
let mut game = pregame.start().unwrap();

// Use Game::get_cell and Game::get_opponent_cell to display the respective
// battlefields, similar to PreGame::get_cell above. Use Game::get_cell to display
// a battlefield to its owner and Game::get_opponent_cell to display their adversary's
// battlefield with unhit cells appearing empty.

// From now on, players can take turns shooting at each other's ships. A player can
// keep shooting as long as they score hits.

// Game validates that it's the shooting player's turn and that they don't shoot out of
// bounds, hence the call to unwrap().
match game.shoot(P2, 0, 0).unwrap() {
  ShootOk::Hit => println!("hit!"),
  ShootOk::Miss => println!("miss!"),
  ShootOk::Destroyed => println!("ship destroyed!"),
  ShootOk::WinningShot => println!("you won!")



Common types, functions, etc.


Result types for all operations that can fail.



Struct representing a running game of battleship.


Builder type for a game of battleship.

Type Definitions


Dimension type for battleship.


The type of ship type IDs.