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Lever is a library for writing transactional systems (esp. for in-memory data). It consists of various parts:

  • index: Indexes and lookup structures
  • stats: Statistics structures
  • sync: Synchronization primitives for transactional systems
  • table: Various KV table kinds backed by transactional algorithms
  • txn: Transactional primitives and management

Lever is using MVCC model to manage concurrency. It supplies building blocks for in-memory data stores for transactional endpoints, databases and systems. Unblocked execution path is main aim for lever while not sacrificing failover mechanisms.

Lever provides STM, lock-free, wait-free synchronization primitives and various other tools to facilitate writing transactional in-memory systems.


Indexes and lookup structures

Prelude of lever

Statistics related structures

Synchronization primitives

Transactional in-memory table variations

Transactional primitives and transaction management


Main management struct for transaction management.


Instantiate lever instance