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Leben is a crate for encoding or decoding integers in LEB128 format.

This is accomplished by extending the Rust native integer types with two traits:

  • Reader (one associated function: leb128_read)
  • Writer (one method: leb128_write)


Reading and writing is done on any value that implements the std::io::Read or std::io::Write, respectively. For example, we can write to std::io::Sink:

use std::io::sink;
use leben::Writer;

let mut writer = sink();
let number: i16 = -582;
number.leb128_write(&mut writer).unwrap();

Don't forget that std::vec::Vec<u8> implements std::io::Write and [u8] implements std::io::Read:

use leben::{Reader, Writer};
use std::io::Write;

let encoded = [198, 253, 255, 127];
let decoded = 268435142u64;

let value = u64::leb128_read(&mut &encoded[..]).unwrap();
assert_eq!(value, decoded);

let mut value: Vec<u8> = Vec::new();
decoded.leb128_write(&mut value).unwrap();
assert_eq!(&value[..], &encoded[..]);



The errors possibly returned when reading a LEB128-encoded integer.



A trait which allows reading of a LEB128-encoded integer.


A trait which allows writing of a LEB128-encoded integer.