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Port of the Martin Isenburg’s laszip compression to Rust

LasZipCompressor and LasZipDecompressor are the two types that user wishing to compress and / or decompress LAZ data should use.

LasZipCompressor Examples

use laz::{LasZipError, LasZipCompressor, LazItemType, LazItemRecordBuilder};

// Here we use a Cursor but a std::fs::File will work just fine
let mut compressed_output = std::io::Cursor::new(vec![]);

// LazItem may have multiple versions of the compression algorithm
// the builder selects a default one
let items = LazItemRecordBuilder::new()
let mut compressor = LasZipCompressor::from_laz_items(&mut compressed_output, items)?;

let point = vec![0u8; 26];
compressor.done()?; // don't forget to call done when you are...done compressing

LasZipCompressors can also be contructed from a LazVlr if you need to change the Chunk size or if you have the LazVlr from the orignal LAZ file that you want to write back

use laz::{LasZipError, LasZipCompressor, LazItemType, LazItemRecordBuilder, LazVlrBuilder};

let mut compressed_output = std::io::Cursor::new(vec![]);
let items = LazItemRecordBuilder::new()
let vlr = LazVlrBuilder::from_laz_items(items)

let mut compressor = LasZipCompressor::new(&mut compressed_output, vlr)?;

let point = vec![0u8; 26];

To create a LasZipDecompressor you need to have the record_data found in the LAZ file.

LasZipDecompressor Examples

use laz::{LasZipError, LazVlr, LasZipDecompressor};
use std::fs::File;

let mut laz_file = File::open("tests/data/point10.laz")?;
seek_to_start_of_laszip_record_data(&mut laz_file)?;

let vlr = LazVlr::read_from(&mut laz_file)?;
let mut decompression_output = vec![0u8; vlr.items_size() as usize];
let mut decompressor = LasZipDecompressor::new(&mut laz_file, vlr)?;

let mut ground_truth = vec![0u8; decompression_output.len()];
read_first_point("tests/data/point10.las", &mut ground_truth)?;

decompressor.decompress_one(&mut decompression_output)?;
assert_eq!(&decompression_output, &ground_truth);


This crates has an optional feature ‘parallel’. When using this feature, additional Par structs and par_ methods are exposed.



  • Definitions of error related thins.
  • This module contains re-exports of the different version of LAS data compressors & decompressors as well as the definition of the point types.
  • Module with the important struct that people wishing to compress or decompress LAZ data can use
  • Everything about compressing & decompressing point records

Type Aliases

  • Shortcut for Results of this crate.