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Extention library for petgraph. This adds a specialized graph for lattice (or grid) based graph structures for petgraph. This probides a smaller and faster graph than the general purpose petgraph::Graph struct. It can be used for path finding in tilemap based game. This is for developing game, but it can be used for other purposes as well.



Use const-generic-wrap to make it possible to make some Shape to be ZST.

This needs const generics (rustc >= 1.51) to use. This is enabled by default, so if you want to use this crate with rustc < 1.51, set default-features as false.


Use hex2d as a shapes::Coordinate. See hex::hex2d for details.


pub use square::SquareGraph;


Inner strage of Lattice Graph.

Hex Graph. The submodules are for different Coodinate representations of Hex Graph.

Module for Abstract 2D Lattice Graph. It is used inside by other lattice graph in other modules like hex. Use it when you want to define your own lattice graph, or to use the concreate visit iterator structs for traits in visit.

Square 2d Lattice Graph. It does not use lattice_abstract for historical and performance reason.